Resource Packages


  • Samples
    • Student Ministry Permission Form (Travel & Photo)

      This is a boilerplate permission form that covers travel of minors and allowing us to take & use photos/videos of students. The reality is that while this may offer some protection, should something happen people and/or insurance companies will still bring in the lawyers. Welcome to possibly the most litigious society in the world. This is why ministries should carry insurance, including umbrella coverage (which basically amounts to a catch-all).

    • Student Ministry Volunteer Manual

      This manual was developed for a joint student ministry and covers expectations, guidelines, suggestions, and even lays out a basic annual calendar.



  • Winter Retreat 2017 – Using Spoken Word Poetry

    We recently ran an overnight retreat utilizing several spoken word videos found on YouTube to spark discussion. Included with this resource package are discussion questions plus some of the administrative nuts and bolts. Photos of the event can be found here. As per usual with our resource packages, please read the “0 Read Me First.doc” where we discuss important details and of course let you know what we would do differently next time!

Speaking Series

Over the years we’ve done a number of speaking series. We’re working on getting resource packages posted for all of them of course. For now though, only some are live. If you see a series you’re interested in and we haven’t posted the full package yet, please contact us and we’ll move it up the priority list!