Sticky Faith


If you haven’t read “Sticky Faith” or any other “Sticky Faith themed” books by Dr. Kara E. Powell, you should.  They are quick and easy reads with lots of great ideas on how to live out your faith daily.  The practical ideas in the books are fun and simple ways to not only show God’s love to your family, but also those around you.

Each week, my youth ministry receives one “Sticky Faith Challenge” for the week.  I went through the books and took some of the quicker, easier ideas that can be done once a week or very quickly each day.

Below is the list that I came up with from now until the end of the year.  Feel free to take these ideas and implement them into your life, your family life, or your ministry.

Take a walk around the block and admire Gods creation

Send a note, email or text message to someone who needs encouragement

Pick one person and pray for them every day this week

Give every member of your family a hug every day this week

Play a board game with your family

Post a Bible verse to your social media accounts

Pray with another member of your family

Ask everyone in your house how there day was each day this week

Have at least one meal with the while family with no distractions (TV, music, phones, etc)

Have a 5 minute quiet time every day this week

Write down one thing that you’re thankful for and that God every day this week

Ask a friend how you can pray for them

Do a chore without being asked

Pray for the leaders in our local and national government every day

Go through your closet and donate a garbage bag full of clothes

Say “Merry Christmas” 100 times this week

Tell someone that they are loved